Easy Tips to Determine If Wood is Dry Enough

Buying dry wood with no or very little moisture is a very important priority for any homeowner keen on making the most out of Brænde Tilbud in heating up their homes. The fact is wood offers an affordable and eco-friendly option in home heating and the trick is to always get dry firewood. Dry wooden Pellets burns faster and easily without real consuming so much energy. Especially the good brands like Brænde, Briketter and Træpiller. The following are a few simple tips that can help you determine if indeed the firewood you are about to but is dry enough.find more…….

Brikettertilbud.dk er en hjemmeside der sælger billigt brænde og briketter til private og firmaer. Se også deres store udvalg inden træpiller og træbriketter

Split the wood apart and check for dumbness – one of the easiest ways to tell if Træpiller Nordjylland is dry well enough is by simply checking for the level of dumbness inside. It is not easy to see how dump wood is just from the outside appearance so you need to take at least one pallet and spilt it apart. If the inside surface feels dumb then the wood is not dry enough to burn well. The problem with burning wood that just isn’t dry enough, is that you will be spending a lot of the heat on removing the water, heat that could have been used to heat up your home instead. The other problem with using wet firewood, is that the water can enter various chemical connections with some of the other stuff like tar, and end up sticking on your chimney making it dirty. But most people don’t use wet firewood, so this isn’t really much of a problem anymore, it used to be in the old days though, when you just walked outdoor, saw down a tree in your back year and within a few hours you had half of it in your fireplace. Buying quality products like brænde or briketter, could save you some cleaning once the fire is over. Quality products leave behind less ashes and therefore requires less cleaning afterward.

Dry wood is much lighter – secondly, it is also important to note that dry wooden Briquettes are often lighter compared to wet wood. In light of this factor, you can take some time and check how heavy certain wood pallets are. The lighter the wood the drier it is (as a rule, but it also depends of the type of wood).

Dry wood is darker – finally, dry firewood is often darker compared to wet wood. Although not all people can be able to tell the contrasting color differences between dry and wet wood, with a little help from someone in the wood business you can be able to see these difference.


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